This is a very simple demo module showing how to serve a BOSH-using web app from prosody.


Install and enable the module just like any other. Note the included HTML file in the www_files directory, this directory needs to be in the same place as the module.

mod_candy will automatically configure Candy for username and password or anonymous login depending on the authentication option on the current VirtualHost.

You then need to download Candy and unpack it into the www_files directory, for example with curl:

cd www_files
curl -OL

After the module has been loaded, Candy will by default be reachable from See HTTP configuration for more.

You can configure what rooms to join using either candy_rooms (an array) or mod_default_bookmarks. By default, Candy will attempt to join rooms that the current user has bookmarked. If candy_rooms is not set, mod_candy will attempt to find a MUC component and join a room called “candy” there. If there are no rooms to join, then Candy will show an emtpy screen.


trunk Works
0.10 Works
0.9 Works