This module serves a small snippet of HTML that loads Converse.js, configured to work with the VirtualHost that it is loaded onto.


The module uses general Prosody options for basic configuration. It should just work after loading it.

modules_enabled = {
    -- other modules...


Authentication settings are used determine whether to configure Converse.js to use login or anonymous mode.

Connection methods

It also determines the BOSH and WebSocket URL automatically, see their respective documentation for how to configure them. Both connection methods are loaded automatically.


See Prosodys HTTP configuration for HTTP related options.


To pass other Converse.js options, or override the derived settings, one can set conversejs_options like this:

converse_options = {
    debug = true;
    view_mode = "fullscreen";

Note that the following options are automatically provided, and overriding them may cause problems:


Should work with Prosody 0.9 and later. Websocket support requires 0.10.