Stanzas are queued in a buffer until either an "important" stanza is encountered or the buffer becomes full. Then all queued stanzas are sent at the same time. This way, nothing is lost or reordered while still allowing for power usage savings by not requiring mobile clients to bring up their radio for unimportant stanzas.

IQ stanzas, smacks "stanzas" and message stanzas containing a body are considered important. Groupchat messages must set a subject or have the user's username or nickname in their messages to count as "important". Presence stanzas are not "important".

All buffered stanzas that allow timestamping are properly stamped to reflect their original send time, see XEP-0203.

Use with other CSI plugins such as mod_throttle_presence, mod_filter_chatstates or mod_csi_pump is not supported. Please use this module instead of mod_csi_pump if you want timestamping and properly handled carbon copies.

The internal stanza buffer of this module is hardcoded to 100 stanzas.