This module enforces HTTP Basic authentication across all HTTP endpoints served by Prosody.


Name Default Description
minddistrict_http_credentials “minddistrict:secretpassword” The credentials that HTTP clients must provide to access the HTTP interface. Should be a string with the syntax “username:password”.
unauthenticated_http_endpoints { “/http-bind”, “/http-bind/” } A list of paths that should be excluded from authentication.


This is a global module, so should be added to the global modules_enabled option in your config file. It applies to all HTTP virtual hosts.

Known issues

The module use a new API in Prosody 0.10. This API currently has an open issue (issue #554) that means this module cannot be unloaded dynamically at runtime. In practice this shouldn’t be an issue, and we will resolve the problem inside Prosody in due course.


By Kim Alvefur <>

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