This module logs the conversation of chatrooms running on the server to Prosody’s archive storage. To access them you will need a client with support for XEP-0313: Message Archive Management or a module such as mod_http_muc_log.


First copy the module to the prosody plugins directory.

Then add “mam_muc” to your modules_enabled list:

mod_mam_muc needs an archive-capable storage module, see Prosodys storage documentation for how to select one. The store is called “muc_log”.


Logging needs to be enabled for each room in the room configuration dialog.


trunk Works best
0.10 Works partially
0.9 Does not work
0.8 Does not work

Prosody trunk (after April 2014) has a major rewrite of the MUC module, allowing easier integration. Without this (0.10), some features do not work, such as correct advertising and join/part logging.