This module records server status (start, stop, crash) to the audit log maintained by mod_audit.


There is a single option, audit_status_heartbeat_interval which specifies the interval at which the “server is running” heartbeat should be updated (it is stored in Prosody’s configured storage backend).

To detect crashes, Prosody periodically updates this value at the specified interval. A low value will update more frequently, which causes additional I/O for Prosody. A high value will give less accurate timestamps for “server crashed” events in the audit log.

The default value is 60 (seconds).

audit_status_heartbeat_interval = 60


This module requires Prosody trunk (as of April 2023). It is not compatible with 0.12.


With the plugin installer in Prosody 0.12 you can use:

sudo prosodyctl install --server= mod_audit_status

For earlier versions see the documentation for installing 3rd party modules