Please use this module instead of mod_csi_pump if you want timestamping, properly handled carbon copies, support for handling encrypted messages and correctly handled smacks events.

If smacks is used on the same server this needs at least version f70c02c14161 of the smacks module! There could be message reordering on resume otherwise.

Stanzas are queued in a buffer until either an “important” stanza is encountered or the buffer becomes full. Then all queued stanzas are sent at the same time. This way, nothing is lost or reordered while still allowing for power usage savings by not requiring mobile clients to bring up their radio for unimportant stanzas.

IQ stanzas, and message stanzas containing a body or being encrypted, chat markers (see XEP-0333) and all nonzas are considered important. If the config option csi_battery_saver_filter_muc is set to true, groupchat messages must set a subject or have the user’s username or nickname mentioned in the messages (or be encrypted) to count as “important”. Warning: you should only set this to true if your users can live with groupchat messages being delayed several minutes! On the other hand if this option is set to false (default), all groupchat messages having a body or being encrypted are considered “important”. In this case mod_csi_muc_priorities can be used to let user configure per groupchat which of them are important for them (e.g. all messages having a body are important) and which are not (e.g. only mentions and own messages are important). If users don’t change their settings, mod_csi_muc_priorities handles all groupchats as important (see its docs for more information). Presence stanzas are always considered not “important”.

All buffered stanzas that allow timestamping are properly stamped to reflect their original send time, see XEP-0203.

Use with other CSI plugins such as mod_throttle_presence, mod_filter_chatstates, mod_csi_simple or mod_csi_pump is not supported. Usage of mod_csi_muc_priorities is allowed (see configuration).

Hint: mod_csi_muc_priorities needs mod_track_muc_joins to function properly.


Option Default Description
csi_battery_saver_filter_muc false Controls whether all MUC messages having a body should be considered as important as long as mod_csi_muc_priorities doesn’t configure them to be not important (false) or only such containing the user’s room nic (true). WARNING: you should only set this to true if your users can live with muc messages being delayed several minutes.
csi_battery_saver_queue_size 256 Size of the stanza buffer used for the queue (if the queue is full a flush will be forced)


With the plugin installer in Prosody 0.12 you can use:

sudo prosodyctl install --server= mod_csi_battery_saver

For earlier versions see the documentation for installing 3rd party modules