This Prosody plugin adds support for flash socket policies. When connecting with a flash client (from a webpage, not an exe) to prosody the flash client requests for an xml “file” on port 584 or the connecting port (5222 in the case of default xmpp). Responding on port 584 is tricky because it requires root priviliges to set up a socket on a port < 1024.

This plugins filters the incoming data from the flash client. So when the client connects with prosody it immediately sends a xml request string (<policy-file-request/>\0). Prosody responds with a flash cross-domain-policy. See for more information.


Add “flash_policy” to your modules_enabled list.


crossdomain_file Optional. The path to a file containing an cross-domain-policy in xml format.
crossdomain_string Optional. A cross-domain-policy as string. Should include the xml declaration.

Both configuration options are optional. If both are not specified a cross-domain-policy with “<allow-access-from domain="*" />” is used as default.


0.7 Works