mod_groups allows you to insert contacts into users’ contact lists. Well mod_group_bookmarks allows you to insert chatrooms into the user’s bookmarks. These are fetched by their client and automatically joined when the log in.

In short, if you want to automatically join users to rooms when they sign in, this is the module you want.


Most clients support storing a private list of room “bookmarks” on the server. When they log in, they fetch this list and join any that are marked as “autojoin”. Without affecting normal usage of the bookmarks store this module dynamically inserts custom rooms into users’ bookmarks lists.


Similar to mod_groups, you need to make a text file in this format:

[room@conferenceserver] 1 2

[otherroom@conferenceserver] 3

Add “group_bookmarks” to your modules_enabled list:

modules_enabled = {
           -- ...other modules here... --
           -- ...maybe some more here... --


group_bookmarks_file The path to the text file you created (as above).


0.8 Works
0.7 Should work
0.6 Should work



With the plugin installer in Prosody 0.12 you can use:

sudo prosodyctl install --server= mod_group_bookmarks

For earlier versions see the documentation for installing 3rd party modules