This module provides a built-in web interface to view chatroom logs stored by mod_mam_muc.


Same as any other module, be sure to include the HTML template http_muc_log.html alongside mod_http_muc_log.lua.


For example:

The web interface would then be reachable at the address:

See the page about Prosodys HTTP server for info about the address.


The default HTML template lives in http_muc_log.html in the same directory as the module, but can be changed by setting http_muc_log_template to point to a different file. The same template, with different input is used for every view.

The module uses util.interpolation for rendering templates, with the pattern "%b{}" and HTML / XML escaping enabled.


Requires Prosody 0.10 or above and a storage backend with support for stanza archives. See mod_storage_muc_log for using legacy data from mod_muc_log.