This module reports module status priorities as metrics, which are a kind of persistent log messages indicating whether the module is functioning properly.

This concept was introduced in Prosody 0.12.0 and is not used extensively yet, primarily for reporting failure to load modules or e.g. mod_component not being connected to its external component yet.

Besides using this to report problems, this metric could also be used to count how many modules are loaded or monitor for when critical modules aren’t loaded at all.


After installing, enable by adding to modules_enabled like many other modules:

-- in the global section
modules_enabled = {
    -- Other globally enabled modules here...
    "measure_modules"; -- add

Example OpenMetrics

# HELP prosody_module_status Prosody module status
# UNIT prosody_module_status
# TYPE prosody_module_status gauge
prosody_module_status{host="",module="message"} 0
prosody_module_status{host="",module="presence"} 0
prosody_module_status{host="",module="muc"} 0


The priorities are reported as the following values:

core - no problem, nothing to report
info - no problem, but a module had something important to say
warn - something is not right
error - something has gone wrong

Status changes are generally also reported in Prosodys logs, so look there for details.

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With the plugin installer in Prosody 0.12 you can use:

sudo prosodyctl install --server= mod_measure_modules

For earlier versions see the documentation for installing 3rd party modules

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