This module allows disabling room creation based on regexp patterns defined in configuration.


This module depends on muc/rooms module. If muc/rooms is not loaded, this module won’t work.

How to load the module

Copy the module to the prosody modules/plugins directory.

In Prosody’s configuration file, under the desired MUC component definition, add:

  modules_enabled = {

Note: This module shouldn’t be loaded in the global modules_enabled, otherwise it won’t work.


mod_muc_restrict_rooms has several variables which let you configure the patterns for room names you want to ban, establish exceptions for those patterns and even deciding whether admins can or not bypass the prohibition.

Name Description Example Default value
muc_restrict_matching Table in the key/value format (keys for patterns and values for reasons) that determines which rooms shouldn’t be created. The key is a regexp and must be specified between quotation marks (see example). Room names will be evaluated always lowercase, so define your patterns taking this into consideration. Users that try to join any room that matches one of those rules will get an error telling them they cannot join. muc_restrict_matching = { [“^admin”] = “Rooms that start with ‘admin’ are reserved for staff use only” } {}
muc_restrict_exceptions String format table that contains exceptions to the above defined rules. Room names specified here will bypass the muc_restrict_matching restrictions and will be available for anyone muc_restrict_exceptions = { “admins_are_good”, “admins_rocks” } {}
muc_restrict_allow_admins Boolean that determines whether users in the admin table are able to bypass any room restriction. If ser to true, they will be able to bypass those rules. muc_restrict_allow_admins = true false


trunk Doesn’t work (uses is_admin)
0.9 Works
0.8 Should work


With the plugin installer in Prosody 0.12 you can use:

sudo prosodyctl install --server= mod_muc_restrict_rooms

For earlier versions see the documentation for installing 3rd party modules