Privileged Entity is an extension which allows entity/component to have privileged access to server (set/get roster, send message on behalf of server, send IQ stanza on behalf of user, access presence information). It can be used to build services independently of server (e.g.: PEP service).


You can have all the details by reading the XEP-0356.

Only the latest version of the XEP is implemented (using namespace urn:xmpp:privilege:2), if your component use an older version, please update.

Note that roster permission is not fully implemented yet, roster pushes are not yet sent to privileged entity.


To use the module, like usual add “privilege” to your modules_enabled. Note that if you use it with a local component, you also need to activate the module in your component section:

modules_enabled = {


Component "pubsub.yourdomain.tld"
    component_secret = "yourpassword"
    modules_enabled = {"privilege"}

then specify privileged entities in your host section like that:

VirtualHost "yourdomain.tld"

    privileged_entities = {
        ["romeo@montaigu.lit"] = {
            roster = "get";
            presence = "managed_entity";
        ["juliet@capulet.lit"] = {
            roster = "both";
            message = "outgoing";
            presence = "roster";
        ["pubsub.yourdomain.tld"] = {
            roster = "get";
            message = "outgoing";
            presence = "roster";
            iq = {
                [""] = "set";

Here romeo@montaigu.lit can get roster of anybody on the host, and will have presence for any user of the host, while juliet@capulet.lit can get and set a roster, send messages on behalf of the server, and access presence of anybody linked to the host (not only people on the server, but also people in rosters of users of the server).

pubsub.yourdomain.tld is a Pubsub/PEP component which can get roster of anybody on the host, send messages on the behalf of the server, access presence of anybody linked to the host, and send IQ stanza of type “set” for the namespace “” (this can be used to implement XEP-0376 “Pubsub Account Management”).

/!\ Be extra careful when you give a permission to an entity/component, it’s a powerful access, only do it if you absolutely trust the component/entity, and you know where the software is coming from



All the permissions give access to all accounts of the virtual host.

roster none (default) No access to rosters
get Allow read access to rosters
set Allow write access to rosters
both Allow read and write access to rosters

Note that roster implementation is incomplete at the moment, roster pushes are not yet send to privileged entity.


none (default) Can’t send message from server
outgoing Allow to send message on behalf of server (from bare jids)


none (default) Do not have extra presence information
managed_entity Receive presence stanzas (except subscriptions) from host users
roster Receive all presence stanzas (except subsciptions) from host users and people in their rosters


IQ permission is a table mapping allowed namespaces to allowed stanza type. When a namespace is specified, IQ stanza of the specified type (see below) can be sent if and only if the first child element of the IQ stanza has the specified namespace. See for details.

Allowed stanza type:

get Allow IQ stanza of type get
set Allow IQ stanza of type set
both Allow IQ stanza of type get and set


If you use it with Prosody 0.9 and with a component, you need to patch core/mod_component.lua to fire a new signal. To do it, copy the following patch in a, for example, /tmp/component.patch file:

    diff --git a/plugins/mod_component.lua b/plugins/mod_component.lua
    --- a/plugins/mod_component.lua
    +++ b/plugins/mod_component.lua
    @@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
                    session.type = "component";
                    module:log("info", "External component successfully authenticated");
    +               module:fire_event("component-authenticated", { session = session });
                    return true;

Then, at the root of prosody, enter:

patch -p1 < /tmp/component.patch

trunk Works
0.12 Works
0.11 Works
0.10 Works
0.9 Need a patched core/mod_component.lua (see above)


This module is often used with mod_delegation (c.f. XEP for more details)


With the plugin installer in Prosody 0.12 you can use:

sudo prosodyctl install --server= mod_privilege

For earlier versions see the documentation for installing 3rd party modules