Lets you easily publish data to PubSub using a HTTP POST request. The payload can be Atom feeds, arbitrary XML, or arbitrary JSON. The type should be indicated via the Content-Type header.



Authentication can be handled in two different ways.


The module uses an internal actor that has all privileges and can always do everything. It is strongly suggested that you do not expose this to the Internet. Maybe it shouldn’t be the default…


Uses the IP address from the HTTP request as actor, which means this pseudo-JID must be given a ‘publisher’ affiliation. This should work nicely with the autocreate_on_publish setting, where the first actor to attempt to publish to a non-existant node becomes owner of it, which includes publishing rights.

Setting up affiliations

Prosodys PubSub module supports setting affiliations via XMPP, in trunk since revision 384ef9732b81.

It can however be done from another plugin: