This module implements XEP-0258: Security Labels in XMPP, but not actual policy enforcement. See for example mod_firewall for that.


As with all modules, you enable it by adding it to the modules_enabled list.

These options exist:

Name Description Default
security_catalog_name Catalouge name “Default”
security_catalog_desc Catalouge description “My labels”

You can then add your labels in a table called security_labels. They can be both orderd and unorderd, but ordered comes first.

Each label can have the following properties:

Name Description Default
name The name of the label. Used for selector. Required.
label The actual label, ie <esssecuritylabel/> Required, can be boolean for a empty label, or a string.
display The text shown as display marking. Defaults to the name
color, bgcolor The fore- and background color of the display marking None
default Boolean, true for the default. Only one may be default. false