By default mod_smacks sends back error stanzas for every unacked message stanza when the hibernation times out. This leads to “message not delivered” errors displayed in clients.

When you are certain that all your clients use MAM, this is unnecessary and confuses users (the message will eventually be delivered via MAM).

This module therefore monkeypatches mod_smacks to silently drop those unacked message stanzas instead of sending error replies. Unacked iq stanzas are still answered with an error reply though.

If you disable mod_offline, this module will also silence “message not delivered” error messages that will otherwise be generated when prosody would normally store offline message but can’t do this because of disabled mod_offline.
If mod_offline is not disabled this module will not change offline storage behaviour at all.


You most certainly should not use this module if you cannot be certain that all your clients support and use MAM!


trunk Untested
0.10 Works
0.9 Untested but should work
0.8 Untested but should work, use version 7693724881b3 of mod_smacks