This module implements stanza archives using files, similar to the default “internal” storage.


To use this with mod_mam add this to your config:

storage = {
archive2 = "xmlarchive"

To use it with mod_mam_muc or mod_http_muc_log:

storage = {
muc_log = "xmlarchive"

Refer to Prosodys data storage documentation for more information.

Note that this module does not implement the “keyval” storage method and can’t be used by anything other than archives.


0.10 Works
0.9 Should work
0.8 Does not work

Conversion to or from internal storage

This module stores data in a way that overlaps with the more recent archive support in mod_storage_internal, meaning e.g. mod_migrate will not be able to cleanly convert to or from the xmlarchive format.

To mitigate this, an migration command has been added to mod_storage_xmlarchive:

prosodyctl mod_storage_xmlarchive convert $DIR internal $STORE $JID

Where $DIR is to or from, $STORE is e.g. archive or archive2 for MAM and muc_log for MUC logs. Finally, $JID is the JID of the user or MUC room to me migrated, which can be repeated.